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315 East Main St.
Norman, Ok


Bigfoot Creative is a graphic design, screen printing and retail clothing store located in downtown Norman, OK. Our goal is to provide an excellent customer experience by supplying a high quality product at a reasonable price.


Order Custom Shirts

Ready to order shirts or are you still sussing out details?

Let’s go over Bigfoot’s production process in a few simple steps so that you can fill out this price quote form knowing what you need to get the process going.

  1. Pick your style of shirt or garment.

  2. Have a design in mind. We will need to know how many colors and locations you’re printing.

  3. Have an estimate about how many items you need and what size ranges your imprinting.

  4. Have a realistic due date.

  5. Have a plan for pick up and payment. We will not start production on items without an invoice approval, art approval, and payment (if required in the full amount upfront, i.e. a rush fee or art fee).

If you have other questions about the process or what some of our pricing and policies are, please see our FAQ page.

So that we may respond to your price quote inquiries in an efficient manner, please complete this form to the best of your knowledge. If you have questions for us, please leave them in the message box at the end of this submission form.  

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Design Name ( i.e. "Winters Family Reunion", "Trivia Team Theme," "My Business Logo Tees" )
Do you have a "print ready" art design? Print ready meaning: highest resolution design file that needs no additional clean up or reconstruction.
What is your hard due date? If you have more than one design, please list the due dates for each if they differ from each other.
Custom is where we order in blank goods to imprint. Contract is where you bring in blank goods to imprint.
Bigfoot Creative has a 12 item order minimum for each design project. Price breaks start at 25 items and up for screen printing.
What are we printing on? Ex. "Soft Style Short Sleeve Tee," "Heavy Cotton Long Sleeve," "Sweaters," "Zippered Hoodies," "Stickers," "Koozies," "Tote bags," "Aprons"...
Keep in mind we can do a CYMK method and a spot process method of up to 6 colors.
Please specify where we are printing on your garment: Upper left chest? Full chest? Back tag? Sleeve? On a pocket? *NOTE*: We do not print over seams or over zippers.
Custom PMS matched colors are $20 per color. Bucket colors do not incur this fee.
For example: "I'm printing a 2 color front, 1 color back design."
I understand I have to have a minimum of 12 items per design. I understand art fees are $35 per design concept, and must be paid at the start of an art request. I understand have up to 3 minor revisions per design. If I require more revisions, I understand my due date will be pushed back and I will pay an art fee for another round of revisions. If I submit art, it must be print ready, not violate copyright/trademark laws, and will be emailed in the highest resolution available (illustrator, photoshop, jpeg or pdf) to If the file is corrupted or too low, I understand there will be an art fee applied to my invoice to make my design print ready. Rush fees will be paid upfront and are non-refundable on any job where the turnaround time requires delivery and production to happen in 7 business days or less. I understand some brands or other imprintables may be out of stock with multiple wholesale vendors and I may need to be quick to respond about my choice of alternatives. Custom, contract, embroidery, heat press, and other imprintables have their own set up fees, which will be articulated in the price quote I will receive on each of my specific design projects. I understand that I must have my sizes and other details ready to be invoiced and approved so that I can receive my job by the time I need it.
Are you contacting us about custom embroidery, heat press, foiling? Let us know what else you have in mind.

If you need to contact us to send art or you’re curious about other services we do, email: